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SEA-LAC Talk: How to do business with Mexico

November 17th, 2009 - The SEA-LAC Trade Center conducted a seminar on "SEA-LAC Talk- How to do Business with Mexico" at University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok. The guest speaker is Mr. Tello Valencia, Managing Director of Bangkokmex Business Consulting. The Third secretary of Embassy of Mexico, Thailand, Mr. Francisco Zamora, Secretary General of Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade, Mr. Phairush Burapachaisri, and Managing Director of S.P. International, Dr. Chumpol Pornprapa, were our the honorable guests.

The seminar was joined by 60 business executives, a representative of Thai Chamber of Commerce, government officials, media people, and students, such as Osotspa International Co., Ltd, Mexicana airline, Kasikorn Bank, Padaeng Industry, C.P. Group, Mitphol, Bryan Cave (Thailand), Suwannaphum Rice, S.P. International, Exim Bank, Ministry of Foreign Affair (Thailand), Ministry of Commerce (Thailand), Ministry of Finance (Thailand), among others.

The seminar provided a venue for participants from different sectors to share the ideas of trade and investment opportunities, obstacles of Mexico-Thailand trade, and experiences of doing businesses with Mexico. On business cultural differences, Mr. Tello Valencia, Managing Director of Bangkokmex Business Consulting to share his business experience in Mexico, offer the strategies of communication and negotiation with Mexicans, and share the success/failure cases of doing business in Mexico to Thai. He also gave an ideas why Thai businesspeople should be aware of the opportunities in Mexico. (Mr. Tello Valencia is a Mexican mixed Canadian businessman who is an expert in Business Negotiation with Mexicans.)

Mexico is an important player in international trade. The country’s large networks of trade agreement, geographic location, logistic infrastructure, and advantages of manufacturing costs have contributed Mexico to increase of international trade flow. NAFTA, FTAs, and APEC make Mexico to expand their market to global market. Due to their advantageous geographic position, next to the United States and nearly at the center of the Americas, the opportunities is not only in Mexico (110 million people), but it can expand to the United States (300 million people) and to Latin American countries (570 million people). Moreover, Mexican and Thai have some common attitudes and culture in doing business.



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