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The Opportunities of Trade and Investment in Chile

September 24th, 2009 - The SEA-LAC Trade Center and the Embassy of Chile, Thailand was jointly organizing a seminar on of “The opportunities of Trade and Investment in Chile”. The honorable keynote speaker was H.E. Alberto Yoacham, Ambassador of Chile, Thailand.

Chile, officially the Republic of Chile, is a country occupying a long and narrow coastal strip on the Pacific Ocean, with a coastline stretching 6,435 kilometers. It borders Argentina to the east, Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast. The attractive points of Chile are its open economy and dynamic growth occurring within the framework of a free-enterprise model, based on competitive market, together with maintaining political and economic stability and legal certainty. Moreover, the active policy of bilateral, regional, and multilateral trade agreements have shaped Chile into a highly competitive country in the global market. Since 1990, Chile has consolidated its position as an active partner by building an extensive network of FTAs. Chile has signed the FTAs more than 50 countries, including ASEAN countries (Singapore, Brunei), and other five countries of ASEAN +6 (Japan, South Korea, China, Australia and New Zealand). Between 1990 and 2007, Chile’s economy expanded at an average of 6%. The main industries of Chile are manufactured goods, agricultural, and mineral sectors. However, Chile still needs products in several groups from foreign markets, thus ASEAN countries have market potential in Chile.

Nevertheless, trade and investment activities between countries in ASEAN and Chile are still at a low level. The SEA-LAC Trade Center, as the central organization of promoting trade and investment between Southeast Asian (SEA) and Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) regions, aims to provide the knowledge of Trade and Investment in Chile to public and private sectors, academic institutions, and people in order to attain greater trade and investment between the two regions in the future.



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