1. After using IDE space. please manage and organize every items back to its original place including table setup format. stationery. electronics devices etc.

2. Using TV screen, microphone and relevant electronic devices. please contact IDE staff 7 days in advance.

3. Seven (7) days space reservation before the activity date is mandatority required.

4. Such reservations must be approved by Center's Director.

5. No food No Drink (except - snack box and water)

6. The activity organizers must be fully responsibility for such damanges and/or breaches of items that belongs to IDE Center specified in the rules and policies.

7. The renewal. fixing. refumishing. and/or relevant payment regarding the damaged items that belongs to the IDE Center. The amount must be responsible by the event organizer.

8. Please fill the reservation data following this title in the summary box for understanding and rapid approval

- Objective
- Activities detail
- Phone number
- If you are UTCC division , please fill your division name.






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