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  Frequently Asked Questions - Article Reprints

Q: How do I know if custom reprints are available for order for an article?
A: Look for the link on the article opening page. Articles available as custom reprints will display an "Order Reprints" link on this page.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about an order for reprints?
A: You may write directly to dr.phusit@gmail.com, phusit_won@utcc.ac.th or call +662 697 6000 or Fax +662 277 1434

Q: What are custom reprints?

A: Custom reprints are professionally produced prints of an article. They are finished and packaged differently than mere printouts.

Q: If I place an order for reprints, how will I track it and know when to expect delivery?
A: You will receive a confirming email, and may check the status of an order.

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