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AEC stands for the ASEAN Economic Community which includes 10 member countries of Southeast Asia. The aim is to create an ASEAN single market and production base, making ASEAN more dynamic and competitive with the other economic regions, facilitate movement of business professionals, and skilled labor. 

For Thailand, this is an opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to expand and invest the business among AEC members by strengthening trade negotiations with competitors. Those who have not properly prepared for AEC will be at a disadvantage and lose important chances to invest and penetrate the AEC market. 

Therefore, the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) and the Thai Chamber of Commerce established the AEC Strategy Center to deal with the vast amount of business information that comes with establishing AEC.  More importantly, to act as a consultant to entrepreneurs and business professionals to get up-to-date information in order to be competitive and an active member of the ASEAN Community.